Meaning of the name Maddox:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
loves to wrestle and be rough!
Strong; Kind; Wise
i agree with the loves to wrestle and be rough. my little brother is named maddox.
very smart kind cool plays video games a lot
Maddox is in second grade and has a sister named Riley.
my lil bro hes 2 he is not stupid he is evry thing elas all the other people said when u call some 1 a name you are really calling your self that name and maddox is NOT stupid it means smart tuff and cool
For a girl--Maddux strongwilled, yet free spirited
Good; generous
I have a flame point kitten great name he loves to play all day right when he wakes up its play time for him
wonderful nephew
It means promised
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