Meaning of the name Magdalena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Slovene, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, English
"not good in math"! But good in everything else...I can spend it, but dont need to count it!!Magdalena is a very good listener and a really good friend..She is a survivor, she is very smart, intuitive, and can kick some rear end, if she has too. She is out spoken when no body else will speak up and she is very faithful till the end...She loves her little cubs unconditionally...She stays by her mans side forever and ever...
go mom
i love you.
it means the love for one thing
Beutiful, isnt sure who she really is,wonderful blond or brown hair,becomes friends with people who express themselfs
Lie!! Im Not Good In Math At ALLLLL !!!!
someone who is hot headed, irrational, and throws tantrums even at the age of 10. Violent, but pretty, slightly fat, and brownish blond
im good at everything i only was slow in kindergarden
fun person who is good at polish and being a mom
crazzzzzzzzzy :)
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