Meaning of the name María:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, Galician
brave,independent, strong, with a huge heart, and she someone i can tell everything to i love you mom
a friendly complicated person.
This name is the beautiful name in the world.
maria means a woman who enjoys the outdors someone who doestn worry musc. she sometimes is down but she will always get back up. i know because MARIA IS MY NAME
very cute and loving
I think it's an awesome name i think it means strong and brave.
I agree with you maria... my name i also maria and it AWESOME! im glad i got to read your post
i think maria means a nice person fun with a big heart and pretty nice personality and cares for other persons
maria mean hard working women,defender of who she loves and protects everything she has in the world her family and firends.
has a lot of boy looking up for her because she is cute and she has a lot of love on her
awww i feel known by random people lol im fun nd awesommeeeeee nd also i dont really care much bout things i just live to have fun nd im always happy
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