Meaning of the name Michaela:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Swedish, English, Czech, Slovak
Michaela: fun loving and AWESOME!!!!
My name is actually Michaela and it means "who is like God?" My parents were thinking about naming me Vivian, Emma or Abigail but they absoutley love my name now which is well, Michaela.
the michaela i know is pretttty coool. (: shes super pretttty. and its fun to hang with her. (:
The coolest person ever...!
Girl name of michael
"Who is like the LORD"
happy, kind and beautiful on the inside and out.peace out -michaela denning
michaela means a loveable person
Shes my bff
My name is Michaela , it mean"who is like God" :)i lovee my name
haha my name is mAchela not Michaela but in any spelling the name rocks
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