Meaning of the name Miriam:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hebrew, English, German, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Miriam is a gorgeous girl who loves life. She is sarcastic, beautiful, and outgoing. Straightforward with people, she can make enemies easily, but she isn't afraid of anyone.
Miriam means someone who is caring, creative and inspiring.She cares alot about how people feel about her and is a good friend who people look up too and she is very loveable
Miriam is an ancient welsh goddess of outstanding beauty and strength. To be a Miriam is to be a perfect being except for her achilles heel which is a broken knee. It gives out on her when she needs it the most.
miriam is my name it means being smart strong beautiful and kinda knowing when to lisen and when to talk thats what miriam is
Miriam means someone who is loveable caring gorgeous and loves to have fun.She falls in love a lot before she finds the right guy.She cries too much for guys who aren't worth it.She can also be someone who has lots of trouble with guys mostly to find the right one.She makes bad choices in love sometimes.She loves her family even if she says she doesn't.She can just be her.
miriam means kind hearted creative outgoing loves puppies loveable and beautiful.
the most beautiful thing ever
Itt Meaans Maany Thinqqs Espacilly Beaatifull
Miriam means a good friend and cares about others she is even nice
the name miriam means: a caring, loving, cheerful, intelligent and straightforward person who like peace and harmony. most of the Miriams are blessed with visions. they are in a way, prophets. miriam symbolise success and wisdom. I strongly do not believe that Miriam is a bitter and rebellious person.
my best friend is Miriam and shes the nice-est person I've EVER met!
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