Meaning of the name Monika:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Scandinavian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Slovene, Lithuanian, Latvian
Shy person. But she can be the most loudest person you can know. She is scared to admit that she likes someone. or maybe even love. She can be very sensitive, but will kick your end when it's needed. She has a really high temper so she will scream in your face if you get her mad. She likes to go out with her friends. and she can be the sweetest thing you have ever met. (:
Monika is a great girl, whose talented and funny, and the bst friend in the whole world!
The coolest people in the world. Most desirable and successful
An incredible individual who's usually blessed with unusal powers for giving good advice. Known as a psychiatrist among her friends. Has great patience, determination, and knows how to love. The most comforting person you will ever meet.
my name is monika and i like wut my name means becuz evrything i read it is really all true about me i think god made me just like me so i am shy but i can be mean nd have a lot of atpillowude when i need it
friendly and funny:)
This Is Excatly What I Am..I Like My Name!!!!!!!!!!
Cool , layed back , unique
my name is monika too but i never rilly new what my name ment till now evry yhing on the top is also me but im more out gowing i wouldent say im shy i can be loud and not even know it and once you realy realy get to know me youll find i have the crazyist most uniq persoality ever im so happy to know what my name means i have broun hair and green eyes i like to run and sing dancs and i have a lot of stage fright. Brockly
my name is monika and i just read what it said about my name and thats true abut me a can be mean and i am shy but sometimes i am the laudest person in the world
^ not feeling the last definition...
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