Meaning of the name Moriah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Biblical, English (Modern), Biblical Hebrew
She is beautiful. She loves life, her family, friends, and perfect little neice! She is smart and talented, adventurous and curious, and just a tiny bit crazy.
the lord will provide
Her name means "Chosen by God" and means everything to me.
Shy, quiet, and loving girl with an amazing personality and protective nature. Athletic, caring, and a great friend.
ahahaha love her
Moriah means awesome.
it means i am a very shy and qiute person when i want to be
she is a sister a big nice and shy lady. she sometimes knows what she wants and others is confused she is pretty in her own way and loves boys!
my name is Moriah! my friends say and am cool,awesome,smart,talented and athletic.i am a great friend to all my friends. i am pretty and shy.
Mentally strong
It means she's a singr
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