Meaning of the name Nabil:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
A loveing and caering boy!
Freaking weirodos who r u freaks posting this garbage on my name
pay your bills nabil!
Best guy in the world! Sooooo Funny!!!!! lol
Pretty lovey guy and he's one of the coolest kids ever
Hb Nabi
A nice boy and a good boy!!!
cute, courageous, athletic, and COOL!!!
Ginny / Hey Cousin, Congratulations. You know I am partial to boys. Anyway there are few famliy names that we did not get to use but had on the list. What about Thomas: Tom Clay, or Roy Clay, (I think Hank wants to use Roy for one of his kids some day, How about Daniel, Dan Clay, What about Marshall Clay? How abut Ray Clay? Just to name a few.
Best guy in the world! Sooooo Funny!!!!! lol
preetty happy
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