Meaning of the name Nadir:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
my dads name is nadir and he is nice. he buys me anything i want. he lives in dubai. i think his name means a genorous guy. i love him and his name even if it's wierd.
Thorgumbold Skinner. Frank Shaft (spondees are very butch). Alexander Pope (no that one's gone as well, hasn't it? Authoritative, though & by God you need ahiuoritattve when you're 4'6 and live in a grotto.)Having a uniloveual name doesn't bring much advantage, as far as I can see, so maybe it's got to be something really rugged, except all the really rugged names I can think of are also really rather camp. I wouldn't recommend initials-surname that really parses as woman feeling a bit gurly in this Man's Man's World to me. Although I don't doubt the loveism of the publishing world, it is notable that the change in the original writer's fortunes happened when she was sick and tired of being underacknowledged and decided to do something about it: maybe becoming James gave her the confidence to demand her dues and to write more ahiuoritattvely, and the market recognised that rather than or in addition to her pseudonym. We internalise a lot of toxic stuff. I know I couldn't publish under the Hated Baptismal Moniker, not only because it is Hated, but because it's too feminine, complacent and blonde (saving your presence there.)
cool guy:)
rare or not easily found
A name I'v NNNEEEVVVEEERRR new was a name.
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