Meaning of the name Nadya:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Russian
Nadya is the short for Nadezgda which means Hope
A Russian girl who is REALLY lovey and cool.
Luv this name. It's very original. 'vote up'. ;) :D
i know i knew nadya 4 only a year and she is very lovey and cool.P.S. this is not a boy!!! loves to u nadya!!!
Luv this name. It's very original. 'vote up'. ;) :D
my moms name is nadya and so is my friend (she so cool)
a person who has hope -nadya
the first; the greatest
Yours mom is happy
It means sweet, awesome, beautiful and theres nobody like a Nadya. If you ever meet one, then you're lucky.
it means babe and lovey with a rear end
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