Meaning of the name Nanami:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Japanese
it means the seven name is this too so stop being mean
Nanami (, ) is a popular feminine Japanese given name which is also used as a surname.
with....well who wants love? Well to bad. Why you even reading this! Pervert!....I like it....Man, you make me horny (I'm a girl) we'll peace! My name is.....
It means gently caress ma dog
Seven Seas
it means Nanami
Nanami means you would have love with everyone and anyone. You always love to find guys that catch your eyes. They would take you to their bed and you would be in the dark having some love. If you are interested in love, write back. Love you! ( . ) ( . )
It means your parents decided to call you that.
This name is beautiful and show bravery
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