Meaning of the name Nannie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My armpit just gave birth to a squirrel.
Care taker, mother of many
Joann: So glad my review made you want to pick up the book again Laura: Of COURSE you loved it LOL! Glad to know we are still enniyojg the same books!Lenore: Me too Zibilee: I am so nervous to read the Lacuna. So far Kingsolver has been a five star author for me (The Poisonwood Bible and now Prodigal Summer), so I want to love everything she has written. BUT, I keep seeing mixed reviews of The Lacuna Teacher: You're welcome! The Poisonwood Bible is also WONDERFUL. And yes, Kingsolver has gorgeous writing. Hope you'll love both books!Kathy: Good to know!Jeanne: Glad to know you also loved this book it is really wonderful.Staci: I think if you love Poisonwood, you will also love this one. The characters are great.Michelle: I agree! The characters in this one were some of my favorites in literature.Heather: Oh, don't wait read it soon! I think you'll love it. My pleasure touring this one
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meaning of name nannie
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