Meaning of the name Nanuk:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Native American
This atricle is a home run, pure and simple!
Very iiesrtetnng. I've noticed that the identification of gender comes almost instantaneously – something in posture, body carriage, something I identify even before I see the face, curves, etc. When something confuses this primal identification (whether natural or by an individual's choice) I feel a moment of "What's going on, something's strange here, I have to take another look." And all of that comes far before any rational thought, judgment, comprear endion, condemnation, etc. As far as slip-ups, I think the analogy with the basketball player or the buddy with the questionable past is more like when you're trying so hard NOT to mention something inappropriate yet somewhat obvious that you slip up and say it anyway because it's on your mind.
nice persdon or dog
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