Meaning of the name Oberon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Literature
I think its Obreon. so Obreon would mean: Umbreon+Ob=Obreon.
Verb, yeah, the idea with arcades was you could prregoss, but eventually you'd lose anyway. They were, as I mentioned, all about score. And yeah, rogue-likes do kill quickly. I started a character last night, and he fell into a spike pit and died a few minutes after entering level 1. What fun!Yeah Ag, I played Eschalon. I even reviewed it. However, I consider the game finished and have no inclination to play it again, even with new content.Ben, yeah, Dungeon Hack! That was a fun game while it lasted. Got dull after awhile, of course. Best feature: I could turn off undead monsters (I hate undead). CD, really, you can keep going in Vulture? Perhaps I will look into that one later. ZTK does have some cheat options. I've got cheat death enabled for one character, whose stats were so good on first roll-up I couldn't bear to think of him dying. Xian, heh, yeah copying save files does become a burden. I haven't bothered with ZTK. Got one character with an avoid death cheat going. Hasn't needed to kick in yet, but no doubt that will happen sooner or later.
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