Meaning of the name Obiajulu:
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Gender: Male
Usage: African
Dear Todd, My wife, Christina, mentioned how much she enjoeyd reading your blogs, and interviewing you for March's Generations Magazine. I met you this morning for the first time through your blog, The White Stone and it ministered to me. Almost 9 years ago, when I married my wife I discovered the joyous sensation of what it feels like to have a special secretive nickname from someone who loves me. To think, our Lord has given those of us that He intimately adores a special, secretive nickname that He whispers to us as we make our way through the worrisome, difficulties of our lives. That soft call from a voice only we recognize brings rerear endurance in moments of loss, or sadness, or lonliness. As we wrestle though our own mortality, He is like the lover in the dark who knows our pain and rear endures us that all will be well in the morning. I too long for my White Stone. Daily, I turn my ear towards Heaven, like you and all other Christians who yearn for his appearing and sigh. Thankful for His promise of an intimate nickname that only He and I share. Thank you for your thoughts. To Him Who is faithful to keep us .
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