Meaning of the name Obreanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Interesting stuff. The BBC just shut down their Ouch! disability iessus board, telling everyone they should go use Facebook or Twitter instead (Beeb really haven't been keeping up to speed technically and have been leaned on to cut their web activities). As Ouch! users like me repeatedly pointed out to them, part of the reasons Ouch! was so valuable to many disabled people was the ability to post pseudonymously (in fact it was BBC policy that users should not reveal contact details). That meant that people felt safe in discussing the most intimate aspects of their disability, or their experience of abuse, or discrimination in the workplace, the street or at home. They could retain their anonymity and privacy from anyone trying to track them via their real' name, but still retain the ability to be a known person in a community. What made the Ouch! recommendations to use Facebook particularly ridiculous, if not downright insulting, was that their own columnist, Disability fine person, had already had her own Facebook page deleted for not having a real' name. Facebook, and now it appears Google+, simply don't offer that protection of pseudonymity that some people need to be able to access social media, and for some disabled people, as well as members of other minorities, that's going to mean they are simply unusable. And when it comes down to it, that's discrimination.
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