Meaning of the name Odele:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek
Despite being several (thousand) years away from hanvig a kid, I'm intrigued by this post. I think it's largely because, like your fixation on literary names (which I love), I have a fixation on musical names. My full name is Korrina, after the song Corrine, Corrina (which, in its many subsequent forms is usually pillowled Corrina, Corrina ), and I've always loved hanvig that meaning behind my name. My best friend's name is Melissa, after The Allman Brothers song, which I also really like, despite the fact that Melissa is a bit too common for me (don't tell her I said that). I got stuck on the name Layla for a while, but now it's hip and cool to name your kid Layla, so back to the drawing board I go.Kori recently posted..
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