Meaning of the name Odilie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German (Archaic)
Blaming Kodak's failure on a sginle, mythical early decision to avoid digital cameras oversimplifies the problems. Kodak failed to do any sort of planning if the market for conventional chemical and film processing disappeared. This is not a sginle decision but rather an unwillingness over a number of years to avoid making changes. The same thing is happening with manufacturers of incandescent light bulbs, they failed to recognize that the market is for light (not in particular how the light is produced) , that the incandescent bulb is in-efficient and that they should be developing other products. I am not saying that the U.S is not being heavy handed by the energy regulations, but more that manufacturers of light bulbs should have been developing better products rather than finding themselves selling buggy whips when cars replaced horses.
I belive in Megalodon ang ghosts. Megalodon is a HUGE shark look it up and see if you belive...
You have a quick temper and don't let others keep you from speaking your mind. However, you love nature and outdoors making it easy to relate to animals. You also love attention from the opposite love and easily fall in love.
roselia jackuine
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