Meaning of the name Ogechukwukama:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Igbo
God's time is the best.
its too long
Be glad you aren't in the military. We had meat graezs whose job it was to watch you pee into the cup to ensure that it's really your urine. A little awkward at first, but not so bad after a while. Females had something similar that involved flashlights and blue water (to ensure you didn't scoop up the water from the toilet and call it urine). Had to do this about once a month. Memorable moment was when a buddy, Big Dog, had been out drinking and was called for a whiz quiz he had to go so bad that he peed the cup right out of his hand. Ah, the bad old days.
this name mean dhejbgbhhgbfgelkwfjvrekghdhaskfjgwfweet747y48fbjhefhffbdbdmhdfjvbd and jhuhfvfummmghuwoehduia
God's time is the best crap yall need uh life no offiense whell yep nd jjust sayhinn
i have a "boy" name (which is actually a nmankcie for Anthony, i was named after my grandfather) - its masculine enough that when my hubs and i started dating, people thought he was spending an inordinate amount of time and going out with some dude every weekend hahai have LOVED having a "boys" name, and think its adorable on little girls. and, i don't think i could be any girlier if i tried (think: pink, pearls, and cardigans) - i definitely would not hesitate having a "boy" name for a future daughterETA: my first name is Toni - i forgot to add that in the first paragraph ha
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