Meaning of the name Oleksandra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Ukrainian
"Oleksandra" means "defender of mankind".. Oleksandra is a warrior that doesn't give up for the TRUTH. Is a person who can keep a secret, is strong, has a kind and gentle heart and a beautiful personality. Is also very smart, and is an onlooker that dreams. Oleksandra is a dreamer and always a doer.
cooles guy eva
the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth i would die for her....
yalls need to shu up. she dont smell endhole? who says that? and she is not bland or boring hes a very good opponent.
cute, petty and talanted and amazazing yeah yeah
VERY bland and un-entertaining. is doomed to spend the rest of her life as a single person with six cats and zero litter boxes!!!!
poop face endhole smellerr
A girl whos is boring and a boring person
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