Meaning of the name Olga:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Russian, Scandinavian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish
this name means, in psychological terms, that the person who has this name is strong energetic but also kind of depressed sometimes.maybe a few days a loner and not very sociable but all in all she is a great woman who thrives for anything
The toughest women around
A very good cook and silly
Olga strong
fine person.that's way that name means
Olga means strong, independent,and not very sensitive. Nice but also deppressed sometimes. She needs friends to keep her grounded. The name Olga is not bad people, trust me.
madre means mother in italy btw
Olga is a strong girl
a nice women who does anything for the family, she is the toughest women around too. nice,helpfuland kind
a very nice person and friend and loves ice cream and also loves Dolphins
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