Meaning of the name Oluwaseyi:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Yoruba
"God made this." That's what the name means. As for all of you, back off. Oluwaseyi is a way better name than Gackupo, get the gently caress over it. Oh, and learn to spell also, might help you better when insulting a name.
thats my name so so u better stop insulting it
it means god made this now stop insulting my name
i use the crown of god as an thrown
i use the crown of god as an insult
God did these
wtf it means god given 2..n dat is an insult
Sounds like a lousy one!
Did some one just throw up? Cos thats what that name sounds like. It might be a good name of a squid or something, but here on planet earth, we like to be able to actually SAY names.
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