Meaning of the name Ora:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Means golden or sea
It means either Light, Golden or Life. In Latin it means Light or Golden, and in Polynesian it means Life. Its a boy or girls name.
i dont appreshiate ppl saying dumb meanings for that name ORA is my sisters name thank u very much!!!
both male or female name hard workers
may God curse the person who wrote such an obsecene meaning to such a beautiful name!!!
I'm Ora From PNG, Western Province, in Hebrew means light, American means light, Spanish means gold, Latin America means Pray, Anglo - Saxon means Money and English means Beautiful seacoast,And I Have keep a Secret for the Lost Tribe of Israel is, because that the origins of the ark is found and only dose who read this will be blessed, and for 21 years I have not seen my village will now this year, this the meaning that is why this name is so secret to me in god's eyes.I wealth which is much greater than any thing on this earth, amen.
Ora means what ever the bearer of the names makes of herself. My name is Ora and it means that I'm an A+ student and like to play soccer. Also, it means that I'm 13 and love to read. That is what Ora means for me. Thank-you for reading my meaning of Ora!
It also means time but in Spanish it's spell Horas
Latin: meaning the orall around you
To pray
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