Meaning of the name Oswald:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, German, Anglo-Saxon
It means strength and power.
He is a very handsome boy! Gosh people who says heis an octopus
a retarded octopus
It is an awesome name and i
haaaa lolz the person who said rere octopus u gently caressn rock !! he also happy he lives with a weeny dog he probualy like weenies ( if you catch my vibe :) )
Oswald does not mean an octopus!!!
yay boy :p
it means blue octopus!!
No U WATCH TO MUCH NICK JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!$!
A HILARIOUS NAME LOL!!! And Is Also And Octopus....
People, YOU ALL WATCH WAY TO MUCH NICK JR.!!!!!!!!!...I think that's what ur all talkin about... >.>OSWALDs are quick-thinkers and more.they are also very sensitive caring loving and trust me, they know how to live life!
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