Meaning of the name Paden:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Rare)
My name is Paden, and I found out that the name is actually Latin, and it means "The Noble One". So there ya go. :)
From what I've been able to find Paden is rear endociated with ancient celtic royalty. Personally I maintain that it is the male version of Payton.
paden is the best name ever
I am Paden and I found out that the the name "Paden" or "Payton" is a Scottish name.
My girlfriends name is Paden and she is frickin beautiful!
My name is paden and I a m a girl and I think that it is a great name for both girls and boys can have
im soo srry and i feel for you... now u r my best friend ever!!!
Love, Paden Ollaw
Well, my name is Paden but I'm a woman and I think it's wrong for a person to have this name and be a woman. So all those nay-sayers that think that this name is a guys name, IS ABSOLUTLY WORNG!!So, from now on, Paden is a womans name! So get it right!
I think Paden can be a males name too because I'm a male with the same name!! So(: forget ya'll don't hate!!!
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