Meaning of the name Padmini:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
Famous indian dancer from olden times
it means sucking another girl
stupid and not funny
call me vish Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, I will visit your blog soon. Have been busy of late.@Emmy I wodner why parents don't think about how the name they give can affect someone so negatively. I hope you gave it back nicely to those who teased you.@Harman And that is the normal thing to do. Most names become Americanized to fit in and also not to be murdered by the locals. Thanks for your visit :). Hope to see you here more often.@Spaceman Spiff Loved your comment. Thanks for visiting here. I have a few Mallu friends too. And, sometimes the names are beyond weird.But it is only now that I understood from your tale why that happens :). Yes, only the one who has a weird name knows where that pinches.@Destiny's child Long time! I hope you are well. I know, I read the book and loved the movie as well. Gogol was a constant source of embarrrear endment for the poor boy!
idiot of the first non smoker
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