Meaning of the name Paige:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
my name is Paige and people always make fun of me by saying "paige? like a page from a book?" it gets annoying but just remember that paiges are the best(:
Paige means young and talented
My names Paige im brave and smart and i love my best friends :)
My name is Paige and im a loving fine person!
my name is paige & i when i was born the doctor made fun of my name by saying that i was just another "paige in a book" so now my family memebers call me Chapter 12...but my BFF's name is Paige so i guess this name is pretty AWESOME! :)
Be nice everyone what if we said that about your names. Respect everyone.
The name means pretty,cool,outgoing,and awesome. i mostly get made fun of but the name is pretty cool. and im not a blonde!!!!!!!!!
the name paige has origins from the old english origanally meant a servant who served the king and queen.this servant was usally between the ages of also means a young child.
smart nice kind funny loving carring and loves animals and music
My name is Paige and its the best name eva! :D
My name is Paige, all my teachers make fun of my by saying Paige, turn the page. It makes me feel sad but my friends always cheer me up.
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