Meaning of the name Paisley:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
nice,sweet and itellegent.Gorgeous,crazy and awesome
My name is Paisley.Paisley to me means reliable and loving.
Ps I wrote the spread the word to end the word thing so yeah paisley is my sister so shut your trap and wash your mouth out with soap pais is a blessing from god
i love the name with all my heartt
Listen my name is paisley and I don't care what anybody says I love my name so whatever
Paisley's heart will always be in right place no matter where she is, she's smart, pretty, an has the most beautiful smile.
this name is thae name of a pink crayola crayon and is the name of a very pretty fabric pattern and is also mine
Paisley is a beautiful baby girl.
It a name for a specific type of artistic design used mostly in fabric
paisley jacket
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