Meaning of the name Palila:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Polynesian
Great comments once again but I'm going to drgsaiee with you on development power of a brandable. You can look to recent examples of successes like While you can easily say it's a dictionary word it's more like Tide for detergent. It's more similar to Amazon in nature than Twitter is not I think you'd be hard pressed to find any zero to hundred million examples with generic terms. Your comparison to and I don't agree with either. They both suffer from bad pasts. Developers have choices in domains and while someone would want the traffic either of them brings neither would regain it's reputation. With the options available why go with a domain with baggage?You're a great domainer not a great developer. You have a slanted opinion but one many of us hold in high regard. Glad to see another great blog post from you.
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