Meaning of the name Pamie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
I am an extrovert. I can make fenrids in a grocery aisle. But sometimes I still end up feeling like an outsider, even if I am in a group. I over analyze things I say too and feel insecure. It is nice that being friendly and getting to know new people comes naturally to me, and yet I can relate to what you are saying too. Sometimes the friendliest person in the room is lonely too.I just click on you from Iris's Tackle It Tuesday post. You talked about your kitchen table, so ivjust HAD to get you to come see mine!! IT was terrible!! So take and look and know you are not alone and then join in the party. Tackling and triumphing is so much more fun when we do it togther! :)I can't fit the link to my kitchen table tackle it post in this comment box, but if you go to my site and go to the Tackle It Tuesday category and scroll way down, you will find it. No you are not alone when it comes to messy, paper covered kitchen tables!!
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