Meaning of the name Pandya:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hindu
@4SymbolsWell you know politics is a cicrle. Left and right meet at one point. That is - ultra fascist and ultra marxist. Guess that is where you are. A fascist Marxist suddenly feeling some doubt about where you are.Dream on? Mmmm. Well I see people who have never worked getting free housing, free cars, and 2 foreign holidays a year on benefits. They are expert at milking the system. They have had children by different fathers, who never paid, and that increased their benefits. Their children are now following suit. I heard one of those say that she wanted more kids but not until these 3 are at school . Hell. Another 7 years on benefit.They really do buy designer clothes and big TVs and regular new furniture. They even boast about the latest acquisition. I've heard them. As well as more booze than I, a taxpayer, can afford. (or would want)If I had totally free housing, and rear endociated costs, and neither smoked, drank, or ran a car, then I could very comfortably live on 65 a week. In fact if I extract those factors I do and with some to spare. It's called economic living. They though manage to smoke drink and run cars on benefit without paying tax but I DO pay tax.Given your anger I'm guessing that you are a benefit claimant who hasn't mastered the system and are now fearful that you can no longer rely on the non feckless ,tax paying, white working clrear end population to fund your lazy lifestyle. Hell you may just, finally, have to work and pay your way including internet access.Mmmm you aren't Andy Choudary by any chance are you? He, like you, definitely thinks that he is better than the kuffar working clrear end slaves - and they must pay for his lifestyle. Your approach is so so similar.I could say more but I don't want to incite you.
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