Meaning of the name Pearl:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
beauty made by mistakea pearl is created in a clam when a grain of sand gets stuck inside. minerals get packed around the grain of sand and over time a pearl is created.
It means Beautiful Jewel of the sea....
Gem of the Sea
they think that it doesnt matter what people think of you you are still a person
fun & crazy but smart personalty
A stupid hoe who dates everybody's boyfriend and she goes to riverside!
In Latin-American, the name Pearl means- a gem of the sea
the girl that means the world to someone
Nah shes a stupid fine person who goes to Riverside and fhukkin dates evertybodys boyfriend! thats wat Pearl means!
my middle name is pearl
my first name is pearl and always happy always laughing pearl is a great name to have
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