Meaning of the name Queenie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
i am not a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know somebody named Queenie
Queen or Female companion
Queenie is a GIRL!!!!!
a maaaad cool chick who knows wat to say wen you feelin down luv ya
Queenie is my name and mother told me the names popular in Japan, london/England, and australia. It's supposed to mean elegent, loving, center of attention, and in a way a bit lazy!
royal and dignified.
she is pretty,somtimies mad,loving and kind.SHE HAS A BABYBROTHER.I LOVE QUEENIE BECAUSE SHE IS MY COUSIN
The most awesome name in all of history
um Queeny is my name for reals. :) its pretty cool having it as a name but most people think its a nickname but it isnt. MY NAME IS QUEENY!!!!!
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