Meaning of the name Quentin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: French, English
intelligent, athletic; lover
this is my name and it is all true
I know a Quentin, he is my best friend, he is very nice and hot, he is easy to get along with and is nice to everyone... even if he doesn't like someone, he is to nice to tell them he doesn't .He is well known for his great personality. He is my best guy friend.
happy person who loves with all his heart and a very hard worker..
Caring, loving, and blessed by god
Awesome and best person in the world
Hey guys my name is quentin and i love everybody in the whole world , yes even africans , bye
he is an amazing person and he is my best guy friend. i cant live without him.
The real meaning is "The Fifth" pertaining to the Latin and french origin.
the 5th
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