Meaning of the name Quincie:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
I love them all. They are all unique, and it is hard to coshoe without knowing what you want the name for. Here is what I think when I think of each name.Juliet young, romantic, quite girly, social but not overly loud, a bit of a dreamer, very sweet, a good listener, maybe a bit unsure of herself or not really focused on reality, very creative.Keira grounded, willful, feminine, mature for her age, strong, independent, knows how to get her way, maybe a bit of a manipulator, a true feminist, very intelligent.Larena loud, social, maybe a party girl, a bit crazy, always has fun, doesn't really care what people think about her, has a more private, mysterious side that she doesn't show many people if anyone, very good leader.Cymbeline strong and independent but a bit unsure of herself, has a small group of close friends, strong goals, generally a happy person, has a quite strength, very strong morals.
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