Meaning of the name Raakel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Finnish
My name is Raakel, and, not to be modest but honest, I am smart, pretty, and a Slytherin.
I like that unspokenness (if that's a word?) that's going on. I know you know and you know I know so why talk about it. the only thing I ever seriously want to talk about is if you'll ever be with me again because I want to show you that I AM what you want now, or at least what you wanted. I want you cause you were pefect from the start now I want to be perfect for you.
but what really gets me is that I can even tell you these things, where as normal people would say "yeah I totally understand", you tell me to grow up and stop crying and I like that cause then we fight like normal but you actually do understand maybe better than anyone.
I believe you are a nice person. you may think its some loveual thing (sort of is I suppose) that I like it when you are mean but really I like it cause you don't make me feel pathetic. happy is awkward an angry is fun for me.
of course there are genuinly nice people out there who do mean the nice things they say, but I can't just say hey are you nice? and take their word for it so I rear endume their lying and that leads me to hate the nice people.
I hate when you make me feel like this. this is why I hate you sometimes. I get mad because I feel pathetic when I am sad. I don't like people having pity for me and I don't like to be complimented because I feel like there really saying "hey your sad, let me say something nice about you so you don't cry all the drat time you big baby"
happy people in happy places with happy friends and happy mates that are happy about their happy lives and happy futers that they'll spend being happy that their happy and not sad like me.
sometimes idk what I want to say
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