Meaning of the name Rachael:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
a smart funny and loving girl who cares about friends and family. she will never leave anyone behind
The best friend evr!! Keeps secrets
The Name Rachael (my name) Is biblical referring to the name Rachel. The name Means Lamb in arabic not Fat Lamb or red headed
It means awsomeness!!!
The best best friend shes smart funny and very loving and cares about everyone she meets! she doesn't care if she s gets anything wrong she just cares if she did it! (that's all me!)
Hahaha me of course :) and... I think it means lamb!
You respect your parents,and listen to what ever they say,but you will start to grow your own person at the age of 8.
It means innocent lamb or Rachael in the BIBLE
i love the name rachael (my sister) awsome
i think of Rachaael a a kind little thing that never gives up
Sweet and caring, But if you are lookin for the REAL meanin of rachel look some where else! THIS SIGHT IS BULL!
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