Meaning of the name Rachella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
Something to add:1,Hong Kong users don't actually use Latin + Chinese names, we use full Roman crrtacheas, like Brian Chan not Brain (I don't know if you can read the Chinese BIG-5 character). So far what I know is both Brian Chan and Brian will get suspended.Brian Chan never match the legal name on id, this is the Hong Kong case; Brian has more than one kind of character in it(Roman and Chinese BIG-5), this affects not only Hong Kong people but some other people whose mother language is Chinese, like Taiwan/Mainland that's even worse for Google to suspend those users.2.Some people involved in this name issue was banned from using all Google services that require a gmail account. That is, they can't access gmail and many services other than buzz and G+. Some of them who use an android phone will find that the phone is like almost fully bricked.
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