Meaning of the name Rachelle:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Rachelle means smart, beautiful, kind, independent, and fun!
my name is rachelle and it means smart,beuatiful and very independent
my friend name is rachelle and she is the best friend you can ever find. and firt of all she loves God
Yea the first one is incorrect (That was a retard who wrote that!) Rachelle means Smart, Beautiful, Nice, and independent!
my name is rachelle and i am awesome my name means that i am a child of god
means that she is the hotties person ever
rachelle is my middle name and i dont think it means annoying
it about smrt,beauty,nice,andindependent
I know a girl called rachel and i really like her it means nice sweet smart indepentint and buetifull.
my moms name is rachelle . my mom sometimes s gets on my neavers but she is a awosme
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