Meaning of the name Radana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Czech, Slovene
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co-founder had taken to calling me Shrek. Again, we lguahed. Fast forward a few months after baby was born. I had started exercising with a personal trainer. The weight wasn't coming off as fast as I would have liked it and to be honest, I had never been a skinny girl. Was always the girl who could have stood to lose a few extra pounds(like 15-20!). We're at a restaurant one night, the founders and my family and the same co-founder makes another loud joke about my weight. This time, noone really lguahed. And I felt myself turning every shade of red. He was oblivious. Turns out that later on, someone explained to him the inappropriateness (is that a word?) of his comment. He truly was ignorant to the cultural faux-pas and didn't quite seem to care because of the cultural difference. But he never did make a joke about my weight again. I lived in a land much like Slovenia, tall, thin, gorgeous women. It wasn't long after that night that I too changed my outlook on life and food. I lost the weight. And for 2.5 years, I kept it off. And now I'm back to struggling again. Though you can't mistake me for Shrek, I could be headed down that road again if I don't keep it up. So thank you for your words of inspiration and reminding me of my own experience. Really proud of you!
crazy funny stupid silly girl who knows to have fun
what the hell no
Someone who is crazy loco
Somebody who is enjoying
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