Meaning of the name Radúz:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Czech
This cake is a reproduction of a pelrtgoyph allegedly found inside an Anasazi dwelling. The two items pictured are unfinished clay pots (note the typical coiling not yet smoothed out), hastily prepared as the tribe was getting ready to disappear. The hearts are not emanating from the pots, but are falling into the pots symbolizing the hearts and souls of the tribe members being gathered within their culture, to be kept safe for all time. The larger vessel stands for the adults and the smaller, the children. You'll note that there are more child hearts than adult ones, for, as is typical in many societies, the children represent the hope for the future. While the sky is blue (blue skies, nothing but blue skies .), a clear indication of the optimism that tribe had lived under for so long, the two white spots near the left of the adult pot may signify the hole in the future (see Richie Havens song of same name), a foreboding sign, and, ultimately the cause for the symbolic gathering of the tribe and its civilization. Others have speculated that the white spots represent the approaching white man , and the picture denotes the tribe's attempt to save its culture from that influence. The cake itself (note the white coils, also unfinished) repeats the theme of the unfinished pots. Where did this cake go? That, too, remains a mystery.wv-moortati: what you need when you don't have enough tati...@Sharyn: love the puns!
a happy man
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