Meaning of the name Radzim:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Polish
Would love an invite to Diaspora (stormchanter at gmail)Diaspora is that open socrue project, right? I don't think I want Google as my social gate keeper, the way they are playing this; unhelpful, uncommunicative, selfish and without a basic understanding of what they're doing, is what it looks like I always liked Google for doing some projects that weren't just for making more money But at the same time, for all the engineering power, they can be so unbelievably sloppy, like the Android socrue code headers, and not thinking copyright through I know some 3-man shops that are more careful And the Google+ real name' concept is obviously just as sloppy with millions of people with identical names in the world.Get yourself a sloppiness prevention team, Google
Brandon is a name that makes reference to a hill, used as a bceoan, and covered in broom plant. Broom has a strong smell which is why you will sometimes read that the word means stinking hair . The name also makes reference to brave prince it connotes a far-sighted sentry, a guardian, and inspiration.
werird but hotwe
clever intelligent
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