Meaning of the name Raelyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
it means she is happy,outgoing,always laughing at everything,book smart,and beautiful,and more!!!
Raelyn _ Talented female. loving. plans on being a singer/dancer/actress
To me it means hard to figuer out hard to read. Beautiful smart a thinker and worrier. A strong minded and willed girl that loves family more then anything
loving One and litle ray of light
awsome nice best to be with and anoyed alot and lazy
My name is Raelyn so it means she's a hot, lovey, love-able girl. She's book smart, video game smart, and a little street smart. She can be a singer, (Best singer ever) actress, or dancer. A cute, fun, funny blonde with great friends. Always nice, helps her friends, wont let anyone hurt her friends. So in the end RAELYN IS THE BEST GIRL EVER!!!!!!!! :)
amazing bright smart a ray of sunshine
Fantastic Friend lol
This is my name too. It mean honest, smart, funny, cute, loveable, and awesome. Best friends with everyone and never lets someone hurt her friend. Little ray of light and knows to be a good girl. She'll do anything for herself or her friends. Book smart, Video game smart, and smart for everything. She rocks and is awesome!!!!! RAELYN IS PERFECT!!!!!!
a lovey midget beast who is fun because shes short and fat and smarticle and knows a lot of sign language height usually around 5ft and weight usually around 120lb
Lamb grace
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