Meaning of the name Raina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Bulgarian
Possibly getting its roots from the Spanish word for Queen; Reina, I think that this name belongs to those with a creative, bold and loving spirit. Great friends to all and excellent improvisers. Also someone who wants to experience all they can, and gather as much from life as it will give. Desire an audience at times, and sometimes crave the attention of those around them. Sometimes difficult to keep up with, but overall great people.
peacefull Queen
My name is Raina. I would describe myself as pretty, funny, nice, loving, and definitely NOT mean OR bipolar!!! But, when I asked my mom what my name meant, she said it meant queen. So......yeah.
The name Raina has three origins.French: QueenGerman: Feminine form of Rayner: Counsel; Mighty ArmySpanish: Peaceful, queen
My name is Raina and I know it means queen.....i do NOT think of my self as a mean person, so I don't know what your talking about... It doesn't make any sense that someone said Raina is sweet and mean at the same time!!!!!!!
it means im extremely wonferful and VERY conceited.!!!
Raina means queen, I know because that's my name!!! Its the Spanish name. It means a successful person w/ a kind heart and soul. She has more than one Best Friend.
Best person you will ever meet. Kind and doesn't get mad easy. LOVES ANIMEE AND MY LITTLE PONIES!!!!!!
It can also come from the German word rayne, which means pastry. Hah my name means pastry!!!! By the way, I should know because my name IS Raina!!!!! Queen of the pastries!!!!
my name is raina , but so not bipolar
Raina is such a sweet hearted person how could u not like some one like her
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