Meaning of the name Rasa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Lithuanian
It means dew.
Rasa means a beautiful woman that has a strong power in her family, she will make you laugh, she will make you sad but overall she is an amazing mother that is most likely to have a kid by the time she is 32
lily means a very butyful flower
most intelligent of all others
An awesome mom, who can sometimes be mean, but the true meaning is: Most intelligent of all others.
I am Lithuanian and I speak Lithuanian so I know for sure that it means dew (on grrear end) but if u look it up in the english dictionary it is juice of essence; joy. seriously
Well, it is actually a Latvian name, in latvian Rasa also meens dew.
Well, it is actually is a Latvian name, in latvian Rasa also meens dew.
im lithauanian and im perdy sure it means dew, as in the dew on G R A S S
* G R A S S
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