Meaning of the name Raul:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian, Portuguese
wtf dude, get a life
then he says 2 not call him back thats y u shouldnt leave your fone number on this website!!!
then he hangs up but then do i still call him back...YES!!!!
wtf this guy is desperate!!! and a pervert
he says hes eating a cow and then ?freddie cougar? wtf im still talking to u the 1 that left their number!
raul supplies with weed, i go to Bay City Jr High in Bay City Texas U.S.
are you fat how old are yhu
tr yuhbiub ytvytrv uyv
Okay not to be mean i'm a girl i was looking for the meaning of Raul and you said he was a lair but for your information the meaning is wolf put that he was a lair because that happen in your life if you people notice that!go to many website and it says that like
still talkin 2 u the 1 that left their fone number
what does the name mean.?
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