Meaning of the name Roxelana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: History
this name means that you are cool loving.You can also rock out and you are half named after a monton in gwatamala it is named Xela witch is my name Xela Renea Ann Epperson. This is a true name you should name your child i am ten years old and i know what it means i have ever since i was younge please name your child this name. Thaey will love it alote
roxelana - wife of suleiman, meaning russian, cause she was probably from ukraine, which was inhabitated by rox alani - east slavs
someone who wants everyone to be safe and sacrifices her happiness and safty to make sure other people are happy and safe.
noooo she does not back stab at all
this name Xela is a place in is the name of a Christian Missionary Compound by Living Water Intl. The name is Mayan and means beauty under God.How do i know? I was there, and m her father. If u want photos and more info, contact me at iambrojohn@yahoo.comThis is a rare and beautiful name for a precious and wonderful girl that I miss so much (been doing missions in asia over 3yrs now) daughter Xela Rene Ann Epperson.
back stabber a girl who lies about every thing
the name mean a big oak tree
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