Meaning of the name Sabina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovene, Russian, Ancient Roman
a girl that is soooooo pretty and nice not meand and respectfull.a girl who you want to hang out with
my name is Sabina :D. I'm so freaking crazy so yeah. I'm just happy with my life thats all. everyone should be ;)
DgfyDP Very informative post. Fantastic.
Sabina meand kidnd hearted or heart of pur kindness.
The name Sabrina means that you are a kind person:D
It means, the love of my life, girls names Sabina get more beautiful every second you are around them. They truly care about other people and are comprear endionate beyond belief. If you are lucky enough to meet a girl names Sabina, you hold on to her with all your might because you will never meet someone quite like that again.
My name is Sabina. I feel that this name means:Secretive, powerful, intelligent, strong, thoughtful, determined, beautiful, kind, giving, and full of life. These are all words that I would somewhat (All bragging aside, here, I don't mean this in any offensive of bragging way) use to describe myself. Btw- I'm Polish!!! Yay!!! That was kind of random...oh, well. Oh, random's also on that list, I forgot it earlier. :)
Drama pretty popular
it means crazy,fun,collective, and amazing!!! (not the crazy like the fun crazy) :))))
her endhole burn alot
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