Meaning of the name Sabinus:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Ancient Roman
everything, at once
well my bf name is sabin and he is a dork
My boyfriends name is Sabin & I'm just saying this guy has the best personality and I luv him very much. His name shows his uniqueness and his true amazingness!!! Gingers unite!!
it meams a gods name
I used to be a big GOP grrear endroots ogzenirar, until the Hastert Congress and the Bush Administration went so far off course. I became a registered Independent about a year or so ago, partially because I felt like the GOP wasn't listening to me anymore.I dutifully filled out their surveys and sent in my contributions, until I realized those surveys were clearly skewed not to gauge my opinions on a subject, but to rile me up and send in a contribution.Anyway, I got one of those surveys for the first time in months yesterday, (I suppose they'd noticed I'd stopped responding for a while) and I immediately chunked it in the trash. They won't read anything I have to say! They'll just deposit my check and go about their business.Anyway, I just thought I'd share that little tidbit of my mail dealing with the RNC myself.
I don't know?Do you?
I don't know?Do you?
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