Meaning of the name Sacha:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: French
THE BEST BROTHER EVER! can sound like (sa-sha) or (sa-cha)
You are kind and generous,always truthful, a hard worker and a good friend. Although you have your moments and like to have your way.
The dictator is SACHA baron Cohen
There's two kinds of Sacha. Sasha and Sacha
it means love? My name is Sacha and i am full of LOVE!
My name's Sacha as well. It means defender of mankind, and a caring person
I have a cousin named Sacha she is my FAVORITE cousin EVER!!!!!!
By the way, in the comment about Sacha Baron Cohen its not happy, it's happy.
i thort it was a girl name i have a friend called sacha she is so nice
Sacha Baron Cohen. Greatest actor in the world (to me). He stars in Borat and plays the (happy) Austrian fashionista, Bruno. If you watch these movies you'll laugh so hard you'll cry and your end will fall off.
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